Live Blackjack Casino

What to Know About Live Blackjack

With advancements in technology, players can now enjoy a more seamless and immersive experience playing casino games online. Several live dealer games are available to play at Ace Online Casino, and one of the types that stand out is live dealer blackjack. With live blackjack game, you get to play against a real human dealer just as it is with the physical version. But how does the game work, and what do you need to start playing it? Keep reading to find out.

How Live Blackjack Works

Live blackjack, as with other live dealer games, is hosted in the studios of a developer. They are real-life games, and the developers use multiple high-definition cameras to cover to capture the game. Players can then stream the video feed in real-time and catch all the actions at the table. With advanced technologies like Optical Character Reader (OCR), players will be able to make moves and see their cards only on their screen. Thus, when you play live blackjack, you can enjoy almost the same experience as playing on the real table.

How to Play Live Blackjack UK

Impressively, live blackjack online game is easy to play. The gameplay is the same as the real-life version found at physical casinos. To get started, you have to place your bet per the table limit. After that, the dealer will deal you and other players two cards from the deck, face-up. The dealer will also take two cards from the deck with only one of them face-up. The goal blackjack live game is to beat the dealer by having a total card value closest to 21. Having a hand total above 21 will result in a bust, and you lose instantly.

Playing Actions in the Game

Once the dealer has dealt the initial cards, the players can decide how they want to proceed with the gameplay. There are mainly four playing actions you can use — Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split.


If you decide to Stand, you do not want to take an additional card from the deck. Thus, the dealer will compare his final hand to yours, and whoever is closest to 21 wins.


If you use the Hit option, the dealer will give you an additional card to help boost your total card value. However, be careful when hitting to avoid exceeding 21, as this will result in a bust.

Double Down

You can use the Double Down option in blackjack live game to increase your initial bet size by two. Depending on the variation, this might only be allowed only as your first move.


The split option is only available if your initial card is a pair. The option lets you split the pair to form two different hands, so you can have the opportunity to win from both. However, when you split a pair, note that your bet will double.

Playing Live Blackjack on Desktop and Mobile

When you choose a top online casino like Ace Casino, you can live blackjack on your desktop and mobile devices. The overall gaming experience is the same except for the smaller screen size of mobile devices. So why not play live blackjack UK for real money today at Ace Casino!