20p Roulette

20p Roulette Online


20p Roulette is a version of European Roulette that is quite popular among players. It has been developed by Inspired Gaming and is available at most online roulette UK casinos. 20p Roulette comes with a sleek design, seamless controls, and a user-friendly interface. The bet types and betting limits are also diverse meaning players of all kinds of budgets can play and enjoy the game.

How to play

In essence, 20p Roulette is simply a European online roulette game. However, it's extremely simplified when compared to other similar offerings out there. The game does not have any fancy animations and graphics or complicated controls on its interface. Players will only see the wheel and the board where they can place bets when they launch the game.

The game is played with a single zero wheel which means it follows the normal rules of a typical European game. A player can start the game by placing their preferred wager on the game's grid. Once this is done, they can click on the “play” button to spin the wheel. A player becomes a winner if they correctly predict the pocket in which the ball lands.

In addition, 20p Roulette also includes an important feature known as Turbo Mode. Players can use this feature to set a certain number of spins at faster speeds instead of waiting for the wheel to spin at its own pace. However, the Turbo Mode is mostly suitable for players who already have a strategy and wish to get to the winnings faster.

Bet types and betting limits

As the name of the game implies, bets begin with a minimum of 20p for a single spin. However, players can increase their bets by clicking multiple times on the grid in order to spread therm across the board. The bets can rise up to the set maximum limit of £1,000 for a normal single number bet and £6,000 for a six-number bet.

Besides normal bets, the 20p Roulette game also offers other types of bets. These include Columns, Dozens, Red & Black and Even/Odd bets. Alternatively, players can place “Neighbour Bets” by betting on the game's racetrack. For these special bets, the minimum and maximum betting limits is £1 and £10,000 respectively.


The payout structure for 20p Roulette is the same as that of a typical European roulette game. This means players can expect a payout of up to 35x for a normal single number bet. This translates to a maximum payout of £35,000, which is a decent amount especially for such a lightweight and nimble game.


The 20p Roulette online game has taken the iGaming world by storm. Players love its simplicity and low stakes, which makes the game quite accessible for all budgets. In addition, it is mobile-friendly meaning one can access it anywhere and anytime at any mobile roulette site. What's more, it comes with attractive betting options and good payouts. Players can check out and play this game at any legitimate gambling website.